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We love mobile apps, and we couldn't be more excited about conversational bots. Our bootstrapped apps have reached tens of millions of mobile users. We curate the leading newsletter about chat bots, and are actively innovating in this space with a platform around this new industry.

Based in NYC and Alcoy (Spain), we are a solid team that comes from cutting-edge organizations like CERN, Google and Pixable. We hold the official Top Developer badge in Google Play, a recognition to our strong presence in the Android world.

Since 2016, our only focus is Reply.ai


40+ million downloads with a combined 4.25/5 rating for our 15 apps. Officially recognized as Top Developer by Google

Conversational bots

Innovators in the scene of conversational bots. We curate the leading newsletter, and our bots are chatting with 100k users in Telegram. And more to come ;)


Strong expertise in web and backend technologies.

We curate the leading newsletter about chat bots

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Customer Experience Automation platform. Our only focus since 2016.

Chat Bots Weekly

Leading newsletter about chat bots. Covering Slack bots, SMS-powered UI and FB Messenger. People from Slack, Facebook, Microsoft, Sequoia, etc.

Felix bot for Slack

Felix helps you stay focused with a simple action: ​​every day​​​​, you tell him your goals for ​​​​today​​​​. Felix will help you stay on track.

Vintage Camera

Vintage Camera turns your phone camera into a vintage camera with live filters. Leader in its niche and rated 4.25/5 after 900k downloads.


Android app that lets you read your WhatsApp messages while protecting your privacy. Created it in 4 days, right after the controversial update by WhatsApp, and got 100k users in 3 days. Picked up by top national TV.

Funny camera

An app to make crazy videos and photos with more than 30 advanced camera and voice effects, with more than 2 million users. Tens of millions of photos and videos have been recorded and shared with this app.


Helium performs voice transformations for entertainment purposes. It has a clean, minimalistic user interface that encapsulates the complexity of the underlying technology. It is growing at a pace of 2k-4k daily downloads, to a total of 4M.

Hooks - alerts for everything

Hooks lets you discover and create push notifications for just about anything, and configure the notifications based on your needs. Participating in Techstars Chicago 2015. Featured in TechCrunch, Lifehacker, and a few other top media outlets. Partnership with Hooks Technologies.


Gitpoints challenges teams of developers to write better software by gamifying their daily activity. In collaboration with Luis Solano. We analyze the activity of developers in GitHub, including the code they write and how they collaborate. Then we quantify it and propose challenges for the team to address the problems.


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Meet the team

We are a solid team that comes from cutting-edge organizations like CERN, Google and Pixable.

Omar Pera

loves creating and coffee

Pablo Pera

loves analytics and ice hockey

Pau Rodriguez

loves refactoring and American breakfasts

Josep Sansalvador

loves shipping and motorbikes

Lucas Ponzoda

loves data and beer


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